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Each season, participating youth tap into their nutrition knowledge, cultural heritage and creativity to develop our tasty Roots salads.

These are their stories and recipes.

Appetite for Change

Northside Knock-Out Salad

Khetasar, Princess Ann and Maurquen from Appetite for Change created this salad with the guiding hand of Chef Lachelle Cunningham from Breaking Bread Café. It mixes chickpeas with tomatoes, cukes, bell peppers, parsley and mint. The knock-out punch comes from the brown rice cooked with Ancho peppers and their zippy peanut, Sriracchi dressing.

Northside On Deck

John, Tyrell, Taijah and Esha with Appetite for Change came up with this bright mix of couscous, green beans, cauliflower, mandarin oranges, bell peppers and zucchini. They amped up the sunshine by dressing their salad with a refreshing orange vinaigrette. Thanks Chef Mark Augustine with Minneapolis Public School’s Culinary and Nutrition Services for coaching the crew.

Dream of Wild Health

Four Sisters Pasdayapi

Youth from Dream of Wild Health showcase some of their favorite indigenous foods in this delicious salad made with wild rice and hominy purchased from tribal farmers. Turnips, zucchini, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers grow on their farm along with the special treat of ground cherries, when in season. The Sioux Chef, Sean Sherman worked with the youth as they created their Native American dish.

Manoomin Berry Salad

Faith, Miisko, Tiahna and Ayyub with Dream of Wild Health embraced Chef Sean Sherman’s lessons in simplicity and authentic Native American cuisine when they designed this beautiful salad. Five ingredients, along with an amazing cranberry maple syrup dressing, illustrate just how delicious simple can be.

Urban Roots

East Side Pad Thai

Roots veterans Tony, Krystal and Alexus from Urban Roots worked alongside Chef Yia Vang from Union Kitchen to make a salad culturally representative of the East Side of St. Paul. All the veggies in their salad are grown in their program. It’s a rainbow of color using sugar snap peas, radishes, carrots, red cabbage and more. The dressing: Lime juice, tamari, tamarind paste, sesame oil and Korean or Thai chili peppers. Topped with chopped peanuts.  High five to the East Side.

Home Run Super Crunch

Imogene, Xeng and Ali with Urban Roots put together a “never in Roots salad history” salad when they created this mix featuring pickled kohlrabi and cabbage. Chef Shack owners Carrie Summer and Lisa Carlson taught the team how to put the punch in their pickled produce. This Cajun-inspired mix is topped with a creamy yogurt dressing and chopped pecans. We think it’s a grand slam.

Ode to Minnesota

Marquise, Tajah and Zarea with Urban Roots teamed up with Chef Paul Johnson to pay homage to our home state. Barley, vibrant veggies from Urban Roots’ prolific gardens and dried cranberries make up this colorful compilation. A cranberry vinaigrette is drizzled over the top along with roasted sunflower seeds. Dorothy said it best… “There’s no place like home!”

Urban Ventures

All Nations Lake Street

Victory and Jasmine with Urban Ventures created this salad to represent their multicultural neighborhood. Black-eyed peas, collard greens, bell peppers, roasted corn tomatoes and carrots blend beautifully to represent their African American and Latino heritages. One of the niftiest parts of the salad: its tomatillo salsa dressing.  Jasmine’s grandmother shared it with her, so she could share it with us. Thanks Chef Matt Quist with Taher for guiding this team.

Low Country Chopped Salad

Urban Ventures youth Citially, Donna and Zarek worked alongside Chef Thomas Boemer of Revival and Corner Table fame to design another first for Roots – a soul food salad. Southern cooking staples of collard greens, red beans, bell peppers and tomatoes are featured. A smoked paprika curry dressing infuses loads of flavor. The golden raisins topper sweetens the deal. Soul good!

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