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Our Career Ambassadors serve as role models, giving Roots youth a taste of diverse professions. As a result, the youth gain an expanded view of what their futures can be.

Our Mission includes helping multicultural youth gain opportunities that nurture vocational success. We expose them to numerous food- and business-related careers — such as food science, culinary arts, product development, communications and public relations. We offer entrepreneurial lessons and partner with Career Ambassadors, who share their knowledge, offer hands-on experiences and serve as informal mentors.

Carlos is Spanish Interpreter and Communications Assistant for the Minnesota Twins major league baseball team. He serves as liaison for the team’s dozen Spanish-speaking players. As a Career Ambassador, Carlos shows interested Roots participants one way to transform bilingual skills into a rewarding and respected career.

They learn about Carlos’ many activities, which range from translating a coach’s instructions to players, translating during media interviews, and being on hand at games in case a player injury requires translating with the team doctor.

“For Latino kids, there aren’t many role models on the management side of the sports industry,” Carlos said. “I like opening their eyes to new possibilities. And knowing that people are looking up to me provides extra fuel to my fire to keep advancing my professional goals.”

Become a Career Ambassador

We’re always looking to give our youth a taste of additional professions. If you work in food, agriculture or a related industry, or are an entrepreneur and would like to become a Roots Career Ambassador, contact us.

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