In 2020, new challenges
created new opportunities
to serve the community.

2020 has been the undoing of expectations, but that also makes room for innovation and new possibilities: two things Roots for the Home Team knows well. While we sure miss our SALADUP! Cart inside Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins, participants didn’t let that quell their energy and strength to serve the community.

The very salads ROOTS youth would have sold at Twins games found a new set of fans as our young people helped prepare, pack and distribute thousands of bowls of goodness to communities in need. This year’s difficulties planted the seeds for new opportunities and high impact growth.

2020 Highlights

While we are not at the ballpark, this has been a year full of great accomplishments.

We are not able to experience a typical ROOTS season at Target Field just yet, but the youth have a lot cooking (literally and figuratively).

New initiatives help reignite sparks of light in the lives of our youth. They wish to continue, for years to come, the new ways we found for serving the community.

NEW Youth Garden Partner

Youth from Green Garden Bakery join the team.

When a group of young entrepreneurs contacts you asking to join the ROOTS program, you jump in with both feet. That spirit is our spirit! We heartily welcomed Green Garden Bakery’s amazing teens to the ROOTS team.

2020 Recipe Creation Day

Recipe Day is everything fun about food.

Recipe Day is like the best in TV’s cooking competitions, up close and in real life. Local celebrity chefs mentor teams as the youths’ concepts are brought to life. The youth steer the process, pushing the chef’s creativity and knowledge to make cool new mixes. The recipes are made onsite, the youth name their salads, present the story behind their dish, then everyone tastes everything. What’s so impressive is how eclectic, unique, colorful and flavorful each dish is: these are no sissy salads.

Salad Recipes and Stories

Check out our salads from previous seasons!

Every season’s a winning salad season. Ever year ROOTS youth create bowls full of deliciousness. Get in on the good eats and the stories behind their creation.

See All Salads

2021 Chef Coaches

From recipe brainstorming to recipe creation day and into the summer, our Chef Coaches work along side ROOTS' youth to inspire, guide and share in the result.

Stay tuned… New salads and new recipes coming soon for 2021!

Get ROOTS salads for your next event.

This year our youth made and served more than 12,000 Roots for the Home Team salads throughout the Twin Cities. We are always looking for new ways ROOTS youth can actively experience sharing their salad creations in the community. Contact us today about your idea.

Let's talk about getting salads to your event

Find our salads at Kowalski's Market.

We are proud to have Kowalski's Market as a ROOTS partner. You can find a seasonal selection of our salads featured in the deli and prepared foods department.

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