About Roots for the Home Team®

Roots for the Home Team’s began when entrepreneurial dietitian Susan Moores learned about youth garden programs and how they taught kids about food. She wished to showcase their influence to a bigger audience because they hit all the right notes on how kids should learn about food and eating well. Through gardening:

  • Kids obtain a greater appreciation for food as they learn what it takes to coax carrots from the ground and persuade peppers to proliferate.
  • Kids’ natural curiosity and interest in food is nurtured.
  • Adventuresome eaters are created because these young “farmers” are personally invested in their food.

But, Roots’ impact and influence has grown to be significantly more than encouraging a better approach to better eating. Roots builds upon that base and: 

  • Offers youth unique, life-enhancing lessons and skills for meaningful success.
  • Offers fans delicious, fresh, homegrown foods to eat, and at the same time, the rewarding experience of infusing a can-do spirit in kids who are hungry for opportunities.
  • Offers the Twin Cities and individual communities the benefits of aspiring youth.


Meet Our Garden Program Partners

Urban Roots

urbanrootsUrban Roots offers gardening, cooking and environmental programs for youth and families in St. Paul. Nearly 1,500 people are served each year. 30 teen interns from the East Side operate six neighborhood gardens and grow and sell a variety of vegetables and herbs to the community.

Youth Farm

Youth Farm LogoYouth Farm provides year-round programs for 800 youth ages 9 to 24. They educate and train through gardens and greenhouses, cultivating leadership through planting, growing, preparing and selling the food they grow. Youth Farm works in five neighborhoods in the Twin Cities including Lyndale, Hawthorne and Powderhorn in Minneapolis, and Frogtown and the West Side of St. Paul.

Dream of Wild Health

Dream of the Wild LogoDream of Wild Health helps Native American youth restore the health of their community by expanding their knowledge of, and access to, healthy indigenous foods and medicines. At a 10-acre farm in Hugo, MN, urban youth learn about their cultural heritage, Native American agriculture, cooking and food preservation.

Roots for the Home Team MVPs

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