Roots Salad

Roots for the Home Team believed something incredible could happen ...

Child in the Garden

... if we partnered with youth garden programs; purchased the foods they grew ...

... tapped into their bright brains to create delicious salad recipes ...

... then had the youth sell their salad creations to a major league audience.

It's been a home run. Extraordinary things have sprouted from this venture. Read on.

Youth kick-off their season in…


Swing into the cart

for the 2017 Season:

Minnesota Twins
(located at Gate 34)

  • May 27-28
  • June 17-18
  • July 8-9; 22-23
  • August 5-6; 19-20
  • September 2-3; 16-17; 30-Oct. 1

Minnesota Gopher Football
(located on Plaza)

  • August 31
  • September 16; 30
  • October 14; 21

Bring your salad swagger!

Enjoy a salad. Inspire a teen.

Roots for the Home Team is an innovative salad enterprise that partners with youth garden programs in the Twin Cities to give multicultural teens valuable business and entrepreneurial skills. We buy produce the teens grow as ingredients, tap their creativity to develop salad recipes, and employ them to sell their delicious salads at major sports venues.

Roots plants seeds that help youth believe in themselves and realize significant opportunities available to them. Through Roots, youth experience a profound sense of achievement and a new understanding that they can attain extraordinary futures.

Sprouting life’s possibilities for multicultural youth

from seed to salad to stadium… and beyond.

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Our "field of dreams" awaits for Urban Roots, Dream of Wild Health, Appetite For Change & Urban Ventures youth. Looks like Minnesota Twins are ready! ...

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  • Character develops including courage, ingenuity, perseverance and zeal.
  • Talents are discovered and nurtured.
  • Personal achievement and a “growth mindset” emerge.
  • Opportunity seekers are created.
  • Product development, marketing and sales skills are learned.
  • Influential, positive contributions are infused into the local food scene.
  • Purpose-filled experiences help youth connect ownership in one’s work to success in life.

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